The faculty of Saint Therese School builds on what already exists in our curriculum in the teaching of the seven themes of the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church. There is a renewed effort to bring the social mission of the Church into the heart of Catholic education at Saint Therese School. We do this by systematically and intentionally integrating the teaching into the curriculum and by planning lessons and activities in each subject area that develop in students a knowledge and understanding of a just and peaceful society. Our students are challenged to be disciples of Christ focused on improving the world by putting their knowledge and understanding of the social teaching into practice.


The Seven Themes of the Catholic Social Teaching of the Church

  1. We believe each person is sacred.

  2. We participate in family and community.

  3. We respect the dignity of work and workers’ rights.

  4. We protect human rights and act responsibly.

  5. We care for the poor and vulnerable.

  6. We care for God’s creation.

  7. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

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