The mission of the Saint Therese School Community is derived from the spirit of the Little Way of Saint Therese. In accordance with this spirit, there is a strong commitment to instilling in its students a depth of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the Catholic faith, an integration of Catholic values, and a sense of responsibility and accountability leading to service, leadership, and the courage to make a difference in the world. The school’s reason for existence is to promote Gospel values. The development of Catholic beliefs and principles is the fundamental building block upon which every other facet of the program rests.


The message of Jesus Christ, as taught and practiced in the school, is rooted in worship, fidelity, and social justice. The Catholic Social Teaching of the Church is integrated into religious education classes as well as in other classes across the curriculum. These teaching emphasizes the meaning of Jesus Christ’s mission to be a caring and loving presence to the needy and our call to follow His example.




Band instruction is available for interested students from levels 4 – 8. The Diocesan Program determines the monthly fee annually.  Instruments may be rented with the option to buy. Small group lessons are provided one period a week and the band practices together weekly. Class periods are rotated so the same subjects are not missed each week. However, it remains the responsibility of the student to make up missed class work. A meeting is held at the beginning of each school year to provide more information for interested parents.




Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is a universal intervention for the reduction and prevention of bully/victim problems. The universal program targets students in elementary, middle, and junior high school and school staff has the primary responsibility for the introduction and implementation of the program. A core component of the program includes regular classroom meetings for the establishment and enforcement of class rules against bullying.


The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program has been shown to result in reductions in bullying, victimization, and antisocial behavior such as vandalism, fighting, theft and truancy. It has also been proven to improve the “social climate" of classrooms, as reflected in students' reports of improved order and discipline, more positive social relationships, and a more positive attitude toward schoolwork and school.



Every aspect of the students’ life at Saint Therese School is important and serves, not only, to assist them in developing academically, but also to engage them in activities that broaden their horizons and develop the gifts and talents they possess. Every activity in which students participate helps to promote growth in skills they will need for today as well as what they will need as they move into the future:  team work, leadership, creativity, and compassionate service, among other things.  


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